Dangerous! What should Mama Hedgehog do?

Release Time:2019-09-25 16:17:29

It’s time to tell a story. Do you remember the story about mice and cheese last time? This time, a new story begins...

The east of the large forest lived a Mama Hedgehog and her 10 children. One sunny morning, four badgers break into their home and the little hedgehogs while Mama Hedgehog goes out to look for food. If the little hedgehogs get caught, the badgers won’t hesitate to eat them! Are you worried for them? Help the little hedgehogs escape the badgers and guide them back to Mama Hedgehog!

Hedgehog Escape includes 1 Rolling Hedgehog Puzzle piece, 1 game base with Hedge and Mother Hedgehog, 5 Badger Head puzzle pieces and a challenge booklet with instructions and solutions.

Let’s see what this looks like. The first piece is the game base with a lawn and hedge. On the floor are concave indents to comfortably fit the hedgehogs and badgers. The bottom of the board has 5 non-slip pads to prevent sliding during the game.

When first seeing this kind of toy, you may think that it’s common. However, this represents not the normal 2D maze but is a more rare, 3D maze and was invented by world famous Oskar van Deventer, a world acclaimed master of mechanical mazes. Later, Bill Hanlon and Steve Wagner, two famous toymasters, further developed the design and gave birth to the clever HEDGEHOG ESCAPE we see now. Since its debut, HEDGEHOG ESCAPE has won the gold medal in the “star” competition, popular all over the world. 

With 50 challenges, this kind of 3D maze is designed for children of different ages. The first 10 challenges are great for children aged 3-5 years old. Children at this age have a strong desire to learn new things and this introduces them to a new way of thinking. Children aged 5-6 years old may engage the second 10 challenges. Children at this age form their own opinions and begin to make their own choices. Children over 6 (and adults) can enjoy the full game, cultivating their thinking ability and seeing success in solving harder challenges. Children facing these harder challenges may lose their patience and may need their parents to help them through the logic. In this way, HEDGEHOG ESCAPE is a kind of family game, providing a way for children and parents to play and learn together.

With that said, we’d better have a look at it right now.



1. To assemble the Mother Hedgehog to the base simply “plug” her into it. When positioned correctly, her feet will be flat on the base and the two front paws will rest on the hedge.

2. Select a challenge from the booklet and carefully place four badger heads and the rolling hedgehog piece on the base as shown.

3. You must always avoid touching the badger heads by either rolling around or over them. You will win if you roll over the low spot in the hedge.


1. You may only roll the hedgehog piece North, South, East and West. No diagonal or spinning moves allowed.

2. When rolling the hedgehog piece, you should always avoid touching the badgers head by rolling around or over them.

3. From the indicated start position of the rolling hedgehog piece, find the correct escape path, avoiding the biting badgers, to the low spot in the hedge and roll over it.

4. If your brain rolls to a stop, a complete sequential move solution for each challenge is included.


1. The secret of escape depends on the direction of the roll. Even if it is the same path, different directional rolls will bring different results.

2. The solution code is written as a series of directional rolls. N = Roll the hedgehogs North one position, S = Roll South one position, E = Roll East one position, and W = Roll West one position. For example, SSEN means roll South one position, South one position, East one position, North one position. The visual breaks in the solution code are designed to make it easier to read and sequentially follow.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of HEDGEHOG ESCAPE. So what are you waiting for? Get Rolling! Let’s hurry to Popular Plaything’s official Tmall or Jingdong store and take one home right now!