Powerful Giants ——LENA extra large vehicles

Release Time:2019-10-24 10:26:06

  Since the middle of 20th century, model cars have always been the darlings of the toy world, popular among all children.

  Today, I want to introduce a special toy car to you. This toy, LENA’s giant vehicles, originated from Germany. Kids to play with giant-sized excavators and earth movers so don’t miss your chance at owning one of these!

The LENA brand is designed by Germany's SIMM toys. As the largest industrial power in Europe, Germany has no doubt about its design and manufacturing capability. LENA toys are made in the Czech Republic. Those who are familiar with world history know that the Czech Republic is an industrial area of the former Austria-Hungarian empire. For toys, parents are most concerned about safety and health in addition to enjoyment. Designed in Germany, LENA is manufactured from the Czech Republic. As you can see, double guarantee ensures safe and healthy for each child.

Let’s see the unique design of this toy.

一、Beautiful shape

There are different kinds of vehicles. Why I introduce it first? Actually, I was attracted by the charming colour. With a bright red body, head and rear, the chassis is silver and black. There are four white extendable supports and two shields. There is a cab in the front of the car and in the body, which seems like a real car.


二、Large and sophisticated


The traditional toy cars are usually small in size and poor in detail. When refers to a large toy car, my cousin will be happy because he likes vehicles in a large size. Moreover, I find children aged like him become more interested in a larger toy car. 

LENA extra large vehicles no only just refer to a large size, but also is exquisite in design. With a length of 70cm, the body is equipped with three-stage excavator arm and two white knobs, which can be adjusted freely and a which that can be extended to 150cm. The crane can revolve 270°with 4 extendable supports, which can simulate the working process of the real crane. When the 4 supports are not used, they can be folded into the body. With this large scale, children can play freely in open spaces. 

三、Certified, sustainable and top quality

As a favorite toy for children, quality and safety is the first thing that we should consider. With 6mm galvanized steel axles, the Powerful Giants Fire Crane truck Model Arocs is very strong. The body is not only dexterous, but also used good quality durable plastic. Someone has ever done an experiment: An adult who weight 150KG can sit on this vehicle without damage.

The body has a large scale and also the other parts. So you do not worry about the problem that children swallowed the small parts by mistake. The body, made of plastic, is polished smooth, making it safe for children.

This large simulation crane USES inertia, no batteries, is safe and environmentally friendly, and children can only push the body to "drive" the vehicle.


                             Little engineer is playing a fire truck

                                             LENA Vehicles

Are you interested in this Powerful Giants now? There are many other different kinds of LENA Vehicles. At present, they can be found at shopping malls all over the country. Take one home right now!