The updated equipment is waiting for you

Release Time:2019-11-11 14:26:31

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds was updated recently. Gun upgrading was the major for this last update. Do you remember our Magnetic Advanced Gun System?

Children can play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds in real life with this toy. Now for the good news… Our guns, Magnetic Advanced Gun System, have also been updated!

Let’s review the history of MAGS first.

MAGS, the classic product of Popular Playthings, was popular right from its original debut. This kind of gun, comprising of 5 different magnetic parts, can build assemble into a multitude of configurations. Even thought this is a gun, there are no bullets making this gun a safe toy to play with.


                                                              MAGS (mechanical version) 

The mechanical version of MAGS is selling like crazy! Taking this opportunity, Popular Plaything’s put forward an upgraded light and sound version as of November 2018. As the name implies, the new version of the gun retains the basic features of the original (mechanical) version, using a mechanical bolt to simulate the sound of a bullet firing but adds sound and light simulation to make it more vivid.


                                                   MAGS ( light and sound version )

After a thorough market survey and discussion with our customers, MAGS upgraded once more and put forward light and sound VIBRATION version. Along with light and sound, this new version features a tactile vibration feature. While children are playing this new version of MAGS, you are not only can immersed into the simulation experience through vision and sound, but also through touch for a real “4D” experience.


                                               MAGS( light and sound vibration version)

What new functions of the guns are updated? Let's see the changes more visually through the table.

Is the new version of the guns appealing to you? Let’s hurry to Popular Plaything’s official Tmall or Jingdong store and take one home right now!