Vehicles of construction set is coming

Release Time:2019-11-12 15:02:33

When playing with my cousins, they love their toy construction vehicles so much. If you have a child, you will find that they have a passion for toy cars. Why?

Actually, it is known as “reverse feeding” in bionics.


Today, I introduce to you a toy loved by children: Mix or Match Vehicles—construction set.


Various Style


Mix or match vehicles of construction set include three basic styles: a dump truck, a loader and a tow truck. The bright yellow body can pique children’s interest. By with playing the toy, they can improve the ability of cognizance.  


Each vehicle can be taken apart into three parts and recombined by hidden magnetic locking system.


You not only can assemble a short loader, but also can assemble a dump truck extended editions. 


What’s more, you can combine sets with for more fun. Little child can build their own design, which can develop their ability to imagine and create.



           Mix or Match Vehicles of Fire & Rescue set, Space Explorer set, Police set, and Race set

Sand as a good partner                                                                                                

This vehicle is superior in material and excellent in workmanship and durability despite how small it is.


While playing the sand with this kind of vehicle, children feel relax and have fun, helpful for their mental health development.


Adopting environmental inertial power system, each vehicle is equipped with pull-back engine.

International brand & Quality guarantee

Mix or Match Vehicles—construction set, is a product from Popular Playthings, a major brands of educational toys in the United States. It has an impeccable record for environmental protection and safety. All the materials are made of imported ABS environmentally-friendly plastic, non-toxic and harmless. There is no problem for children to touch, throw, drop, play, chew or bite them.

How children’s childhood can be lack of these vehicles? Let’s hurry to Popular Plaything’s official Tmall or Jingdong store or scan QR code in the below and take one home right now!