You can not miss this brainstorming – UTOPIA

Release Time:2019-11-13 09:49:09

Have you been playing Sudoku? An exciting game that impresses us most in the television program, Super Brain.


It is ten sides that constitute an irregular three-dimensional sudoku. Challengers are required to put numbers and colors into grids, filling out each row and column without repetition. If you can fill all of it, you are the winner. In dealing with a challenge, everyone would be overwhelmed by its charm.

Today I introduce a kind of three-dimensional Sudoku – UTOPIA, the city of the future. When playing it, you can experience lots of fun with your child. This game includes a 4*4 city plan grid, 16 building lots, and 50 challenge cards.


The basic concept of UTOPIA is similar to Sudoku. Combining the elements of the modern city with high-rise buildings everywhere, it provides a game background for children about a city plan. Each Utopia challenge card presents a cityscape you must build by placing 16 skyscrapers on 16 building lots that match hints provided on, and around the perimeter, of each city plan. Above all, it not only can improve children’s hands-on, analytical, and judgment ability, but also cultivate children's mathematical thinking and spatial imagination.


With that saying, we’d better experience how to play it.



1.       Choose a challenge card including color-coded building location hints, and place the matching colored buildings on the city plan grid as indicated. These buildings cannot move once play begins. To help you remember which buildings are not movable, place the side of the building with the largest door facing you.


2.       During play, position the remaining buildings, which may move during play, with a small door facing you.


3.        The solution is provided on the back of each card. Before you check your answer, be sure all 16 building locations satisfy each viewpoint hint..



1.  There are 50 Utopia challenge cards divided into 2 building phases: Phase One (1-25) and Phase Two (26-50). Each building phase has specific rules and hints designed to help you discover its unique solution.

2.  Phase One rules: Each row and each column of the city plan must have 4 different height buildings. You are not allowed to place buildings of the same height in any row or column. Blue Arabic numbers within a white viewpoint arrow tell you how many different height buildings you can see in a row or column from this viewpoint.

3. Phase Two rules: Buildings may be placed anywhere. You are allowed to place same height buildings in the same row or column. As in Phase One, blue Arabic numbers within a white viewpoint arrow tell you how many different height buildings you can see in a row or column from this viewpoint. Multiple buildings of the same height only count as one. White Roman numbers within a red viewpoint arrow, tell you how many same height buildings you can see in a row or column from this viewpoint.

Note: In phase Two you can see buildings of the same height that are behind other buildings of the same height.

There are 5 levels of difficulty in each phase: Level 1 ( easy ) through level 5tough.



1.  Each building phase has different types of viewpoint arrow hints. See the rules for each phase to understand their meaning before you start to play.

2. Some viewpoint arrow hints provide you with more building location information than others. Seek and place those buildings first, then place the rest.

3. When reading a viewpoint arrow hint, imagine standing in front of a row or column of 4 buildings of different heights. A tall building in front will block your view of the buildings behind it. Place the buildings to match the hints from all viewpoints. 

4. If you get in trouble, you can find the solution provided on the back of each card.


Let’s get in brainstorming with your child. UTOPIA, the city of the future, brings you unique experience of Sudoku. So what are you waiting for? Grab your hard hat and get building! Let’s hurry to Popular Plaything’s official Tmall or Jingdong store or scan QR code in the below and take one home right now!