【Pictures Gathering】Toy Dreams joins in 2018 Shanghai Toys Exhibition!

Release Time:2018-10-24 22:06:45

With its new products and classic models, Guangzhou Yigao Toys Co., Ltd, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign toy industries, media reporters and toy lovers at the 2018 China toy fair which is held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from October 16th to 18th.

A great number of people have got together soon in our exhibition when it opened in the morning.

During the exhibition, Toy Dreams has attracted buyers attention for its’ unique design. What’s more, the showroom is crowded with visitors.

The Oriental Pearl Tower, 2 meters high, made by Playstix, is supported by the friction and tension principle.

As the only liner building block in the world, Playstix can catch people’s eyes every year for the creative new look. What attracts us most is that a simple structure can create a delicate art.

Look! People who played it can hardly tear themselves away from it.


Seven sticks can be fixed when piecing together. Isn’t that easy?

Staffs of Yigao toys accompany customers to learn how to put the sticks together.

Except for the high quality and word of mouth, the reason why Toys Dreams can attract so many customers in this exhibition is that it has introduced a new brand line and a product line this year.

Magnetic advanced gun system, the new product of Popular Playthings, appears in the exhibition, which attracts much attention. This gun is divided into mechanical version and acousto-optic version, each of which has two colors.

The staff are showing the way of playing.

Our designers stick to the concept of simulation, fun and wisdom although there are a great many of toys about firearms toys on the market. Therefore, a new member has come to Popular Playthings’ family, which puts a new soul in the magnetic advanced gun system.


 The staff is introducing the new products of Popular Playthings, Mix or Match magnetic gun mechanical version


The staff is introducing magnetic advanced gun system of Popular Playthings, the mechanical version, for customers. 


Mix or Match vehicles of Popular Playthings have launched a new version of racing set, including 3 cars and 9 parts with modelling changeable. Please waiting...

 Our staff is introducing the new products to customer from Northern Europe.

With the great help of German toy giant SIMM, Yigao toys introduce LENA brand toy cars in the Chinese market this year. LENA toy products are characterized by large size and simulation, especially several simulation cars authorized by Benz (Arocs), with beautiful models and excellent details. Although the body is so large, it is light and not easily broken, which will be available in many shopping malls soon. Please waiting...

Recycling truck of LENA toys in a large scale

Dump truck of LENA toys in a large scale

Fire truck of LENA toys in a large scale

TOY DREAMS, a private brand of Yigao toys, introduced a great number of new products this year, keeping the company's previous quality advantage, but more advantageous in price. The high cost performance makes the new products attract the attention of buyers from home and abroad before they are officially released.

 Lively new toy display

The heads who take charge of oversea market are talking to customers abroad about new toys

There are many wonderful moments and stories about Toy Dreams in the three-day Shanghai toy exhibition. Time is limited, I am so sorry that I cannot show them to you one by one.

Recently, one who is wrestling has been popular. Our handsome brother also wrestles and shows off his wealth by a version of toys. I hope you can smile and continue to support us.