【Shenzhen competition area】Playstix competition of Popular playthings Cup is warmly recruiting in 10 biggest cities in the whole China

Release Time:2018-08-15 22:06:56

The playstix competition of Popular playthings Cup of 2018 comes to Shenzhen competition area, all the hot latest toys can be played for free and big prizes are waiting for you. It's too hot for the children to go out and get sick and too bored to stay at home. Why don’t u come to the playstix competition. We just do the competition this summer but not get sun-burned. Popular playthings will bring your children to runs the brain quickly and be cool this whole summer.


                                                              Introduction for the activity

 The Playstix Competition is held in all the the popular playthings stores in the 10 big cities by popular playthings with Yoman Cartoon TV of Jiangsu Channel, supported by Guangzhou Yigaotoys and Shenzhen Maoye World.

The competition will be held on August  17th to 19th, first two days will be experiencing the lessons, and last day will come up with the competition in Maoye World, NO.2009 Huaqiang north road, Futian district in Shenzhen. 

Yoman cartoon TV will follow the whole competition and broadcasts on Come to Play Channel. Child from 5 years old  to 10 years old will be warmly welcomed and hope that parents bring them to sign to take part in or watch the competition.

Popular playthings is an early educational toys expert brand from America, which has been in China market for so many years. The Playstix, the Mix or Match games, the table game series are all deeply loved by the Children from elder to younger. Yoman Cartoon Satellite TV is one of the top five animated satellite TV in China. the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has awarded it the first prize of "National Excellent Children's Channel".

Playstix is one kind of linear building block, which uses the "tenon principle" to insert a card and fix it perfectly to assemble various interesting designs. During the three-day activity, there are free trial area, product sale area and competition area. Teachers lead children to learn how to use playstix to build models and experience the tenon principle of playstix. By this way, the combination of "play" and "learning" can collide with the spark of "fun" and "wisdom", so that children can develop their thinking in the fun of hands-on play, develop their logical thinking ability and geometry of spatial imagination.


                                                           Competition Process

         1)  Come to Popular playthings stores to get registration

         2)  Organizers arrange grouping for competition;

         3)  Who assemble the "Playstix Mechanical Edition" on the spot us the shortest time will win the competition

         4)  To award prizes to the winners.

                                       [Designated Model for Competition]-Mechanical Version of Playstix


                                                                    Rich Award

The organizers have prepared generous awards for the winners, including the certificates of honor provided by the organizers, a set of prizes offered by Popular playthings toys, and members of Popular playthings toys. The final prizes are as follows:

                                              The first award: Playstix supreme edition suit

                                        The second award: Flexible playstix

                                                       The third award: Playstix luxury suit


                                                  Product exhibition and promotion

In addition to watching the competition, the event also has Popular playthings toy product display area which can be opened to parents, children and puzzle toy enthusiasts. Not only can we see playstix products with different designs, but also other interesting puzzle toys of Popular playthings. 

Including table games, Magnetic park series, Mix or Match, there are different kinds of toys suitable for children of different ages.

                                             Children who are interested in can sign up now!

                                             Registration time: from now on to August 19

                     Registration point: Maoye Wolrd Counter, No. 2009 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

                                             Contact: 13510904765 (Mr. Zhao)

                                             Age of Admission: Children aged 5 to 10

                                             Number: 60 applications will expire

                                             Competition time: 14:30 p.m. on August 19

                     Note: The right of final interpretation of this event belongs to the organizer.